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The Pola Day treatment is a take home do-it-yourself kit to be applied to your teeth in the comfort of your own home.

Steps that your dental professional and yourself will perform on your teeth:

  1. An impression of your teeth is taken by your dental professional.
  2. A perfectly formed tray is made for you to take home with your own kit of pola day.
  3. Brush and floss teeth. Take a syringe out of the kit. Remove the cap and insert a dispensing tip by twisting it securely onto the syringe.
  4. Place a small drop of gel into every compartment of the tray for the teeth undergoing treatment.
  5. Seat  the tray with the gel around your teeth. 
  6. Wipe away any excess gel on the gums with your finger, a tissue or a dry soft tooth brush.

    Depending on the level of staining on your teeth, and the health of your teeth, your dental professional would have supplied you with Pola Day in either 3%, 7.5% or 9.5% hydrogen peroxide gel concentrations. This percentage will be marked on the syringe. Wear the trays in your mouth for the time recommended in the table below or as directed by your dental professional:

    2 or 3 x 30 min/day 1 or 2 x 30 min/day 2 x 15 min/day
    or or or
    1 x 60 min/day 1 x 45 min/day 1 x 30 min/day
  7. After treatment, remove tray. Rinse tray and mouth with lukewarm water to avoid thermal sensitivity.
  8. Brush teeth. Repeat the procedure as instructed by your dental professional 

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